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Know Intelligent tricks to manage Yahoo mails & Yahoo homepage

Get the main daily headlines when you open your browser! This extension automatically defines the Yahoo home page and the new guide page. The Yahoo homepage is a great way to get updated news and enrich your browsing experience. Update your new guide for the mandatory reading stories you like. Install the extension now for free!


  1. Set the Yahoo home page as your new guide and the initial icon
  2. Easy to use icon placed on the toolbar

Many Internet users used several different web pages, including Embarq and Google, to name a few. They all have their ups and downs, but they do not even come close to looking for added sites! Many Internet users access Google, Yahoo or MSN to their search needs. Then, netizens go to YouTube for their videos. After that, they go to Amazon or eBay to do some shopping. They can even go to other sites for news, images, and blogs. The days of wasting time going to several different sites; In order, to accommodate all your search needs is over! Because now they can use the Yahoo Home Page to do all their jobs together.

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In closing, search aggregate is the best time-saving websites, as well as the easiest for searching the internet. Many people have already made them their homepage; and, if internet surfers would like to get all there is to get out of the web in one place; and, save a tremendous amount of time doing it! Then web surfers should consider doing Yahoo Homepage change. For internet users to try it; all they have to do is go to a search aggregate site and type in a search query, they only have to type it once. Then the Web surfers will get search targeted results from all of them, including Amazon, eBay, and YouTube.

And also know to change your home page

Yahoo Homepage Restore And How it Offer A More Social Experience for users

Yahoo today is promoting an important reformulation of its application known as Yahoo homepage restore and Yahoo's main mobile application, with the aim of offering a more personalized social experience, where readers can find stories they like, comment and discuss the news of the day and track stories. of interest day. The goal is to better reflect how consumers are interacting and reading news on mobile devices, but it is also an attempt to transfer the conversations that occur on social media sites to Yahoo itself. Yahoo, of course, wants to compete better in that space as well. The changes were driven by trends in mobile devices.

In addition, Yahoo Homepage will actively encourage its readers to spend more time on the site and its application discussing and debating the stories presented. This seems to counteract the current trend of users to take their opinions of the site to places like Facebook and Twitter. And that reflects a desire on Yahoo's side to be seen as a social platform, not just as a news aggregator.

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